Monday, April 18, 2011

Onesie Exchange: Using Elfster for Secret Q&As

If you open your email from Elfster with your draw, click on "See your draw"

You're brought to the name of your Sept. Momma .. if she has a wishlist or any information, you will see this in the center of the page.

If she has added her mailing address, you will see it in the left hand column. If she has not, you can use "Secret Q&A" to ask her to either update this.

If she has not listed her bumpie name, you can ask this in a Secret Q&A as well so that you know who to "look for" on the board!

There is a tab for "Secret Q&A" where you can scroll down and free-text a question to her -- use this to find out more about your Sept.Momma and what she might like for her LittleOne .. some question ideas:

- Are you team pink? blue? green?

- What is your nursery theme?

- Sept. is the beginning of football season -- do you and DH cheer for any teams in particular?

- Is there anything you definitely DO NOT need or want?

Also, often when I have participated in exchanges in the past - participants will create polls or other like posts on the board with groups of questions like these, hoping that their bumpie will participate and everyone will get a few additional ideas..

Have fun, all!!

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