Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Onesie Exchange Information

Thank you Pharmernicole for putting this together for us! The following is from her original post on The Bump:

"It wouldn't necessarily need to be onesies, I suppose, but it's a starting point :) We could say that there should be at least one onesie for the sake of consistency?

How it works: Whoever elects to participate signs up (via this link). Deadline to sign up = April 18th (I figured tax day will be over...) After the signup deadline, Elfster will send you a message with the name of the person who you drew, and you can send them anonymous messages via Elfster ("Are you having a girl or a boy?" .. "Does DH have a favorite NFL/College football team?" etc..) or create polls on the Sept 2011 Mom board that participants can answer.

As the gift-giver, you pull together a personalized gift package for your momma-to-be, and mail it by the exchange date (five weeks: June 1st 2011) Once you receive your package, take a photo and post to the board to share with everyone and thank your Bumpie!

1. In your Elfster account, be sure to include your mailing address so your 'secret santa' knows where to send your surprise. I have the exchange set up so your address is only visible to the person who is your 'secret santa'

2. Within Elfster you can create a "gift list" including things that you and DH like, nursery themes, registry information, etc.

3. We'll set a $25 limit. I tend to go over a bit, but that's because I can't resist the little stuff.. :)

4. It's up to you (gift giver) if you'd like to reveal yourself within your package or wait until it is posted on the board.

5. Be sure on Elfster to include your 'bumpie' name so your 'secret santa' knows who to watch for posting on the board - i.e. mine is Nicole (pharmernicole) Olson.

Any questions?? Let me know.. Excited?!?!!? I am.."

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  1. I'm so excited to start shopping for one of you :)