Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Alright September 2011 mamas! Welcome to the "unofficial" blog for...that's right..YOU! Hopefully this will be a place to stay updated on each others progress, including due dates, gender (if you wish to find out), bump pics, etc. My name is Joanne, but you can call me Jo. I recently came into blogging since my loss, so I volunteered to start this blog up as a fun sort of thing for all of us :) If you have any suggestions, questions, feedback, etc, please send me a message on The Bump to let me know. The blog is going to be lacking a little in content until there are a bunch of us and we update it a lot, but until then, enjoy!! And congrats mamas!


  1. I got into blogging about a year ago, more on the home decor/design side of things. I have made up a pregnancy blog for myself but am hesitant to get started *just in case*.

    Hopefully I can follow along here through my own blog until my little baby arrives!

  2. I'm following now :)

    brookeb811 from the bump...due September 11th.

  3. nybride10 from the bump... due 9/25 :)